Aberdeen Hash House Harriers Run 1493
Hares: Eee Ecky Thump and Gazelle
On On: Burnhervie ‘Shakin’ Brig’
Time: 11:00 13th March 2011
Weather: B...dy ‘orrible. Rain, sleet ,cold and wind with snow and slush lying on top of slippy and muddy terrain.
On Inn: Curry at EETs’ and Gazelles’
Ignoring the ring of silence the GM Tonto had brought to the circle and telling him to ‘take no notice of me’ a s I walked across his ring of utterly silent followers I was presented with the scribes’ vest and horn by the glowering Tonto! I must pay attention.
I had arrived late having found the vehicle with hash beer, Horny Blower and Red Stripe hopelessly lost and phoning a friend. More importantly I escorted them to the run venue. At least we were on the right side of the river as namely Leeky, 2 AM and Struth had found themselves on the wrong side of the river with only a pedestrian suspension bridge between them and the run start.. Their dry clothes at the end of the run were 400 m away.
Several new runners were introduced as Intensive had dragged along her whole family, Mum, Dad, brother Richard and girlfriend Lettie. Also there was a Welsh lass, Tegwen, a Danish girl, Kristina and Bjoern ‘Happy Trail’ ex Houston Hash
One announcement with Twizzle planning to set a Full Moon Run on Sat 19th March at 19:00. This was quickly vetoed as we would all be watching the rugby and he would be on his own! The full Moon Run is now Fri 18th March so somebody may turn up.
The two Hares Eee Ecky Thump and Gazelle explained the run had been set with flour laced with curry powder to colour it slightly against the snow. I would like to have seen the dogs eating that! There would be several back checks due to some confusion between them, a river crossing and a waterfall.
The hares pointed us across the ‘Shakin’ Briggie’ to which everybody but the hares galloped across to find 100m past it, no trail. Back then to where we really knew it would go, across the mill race and into the Fetternear estate. EET had permission to enter the grounds as long as we stayed on the paths. Fat chance as she had forgotten to tell Gazelle that fact. The pack was kept together as the curry laced trail meandered along the muddy riverside, crossing the path the walkie talkies were taking. The curry coloured flour merged nicely with the tree trunks and mud and slowed the FRB;s perfectly. “We have to go past the old chapel and derelict Bishops Palace” says I to our new runner ‘Happy Trails’. We didn’t. We stayed in the mud, snow and puddles and it was cold. Bjoern was not so ‘happy’ now.
The trail took us round the perimeter of the Fetternear estate with the checks keeping the pack generally together. Well done. Downhill to a beer check where three cases of Tennant’s lager were promptly ignored for the bottles of decent beer found by the FRB’s. I will have to run faster!
For those who have not seen the ruins see:

A circle was called and Leeky promptly led a rendering of his song “Welcome to the Granite City”. A Welsh choir we are not. We only have two singers in our midst T Rex and Flying Scotsman.
Down Downs:
Wotsoff and Margaret for sartorial elegance
Heather and Adam (No hash handles yet!) the great romantics
Sharnie for ensuring Little Shit still fits his shorts and vests from twenty years ago
Struth for losing her glove and never writing her scribe!
Roger Me More. Privet and Leeky kindly presented with On Secs tee shirts by NH6 so we know who they are. Thanks Martin.
New runners/visitors: Kristina, Bjoern, (Happy Trail) Richard , Lettie and Tegwen
Privet for negotiating a roundabout on her journey to gain a driving license
Hares: Eee Ecky Thump and Gazelle. Thanks for a good run
On Inn at EETs and Gazelles abode with proceeds from an excellent curry going to the Wooden Spoon Society.
On On

Run information for this scribe:
Run Number: 1493
Date: Sunday 13th of March 2011 11:00AM

Hare: Ecky Thump
OnOn: Shakin' Brig at Burnhervie. From Inverurie take the left fork just over Burnhervie bridge and continue till you run out of road. From Kemnay side of Burnhervie its a very tight right turn, there is a muddy track about 20 yards before the turn which is easier to turn into, looks like a road on Google, and goes same way, but don't think its passable in anything less than a tractor. Grid reference is 734 191.
OnInn: Soup and rolls, or something like that, at Ecky Thumps place. Donations to Hippo's wooden spoon.

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