About the Hash

Described as a "drinking club with a running problem", thousands of Hash House Harriers around the world take to the open road each week for some serious exercise and some even more serious refreshment. 

"Hashing" as it has come to be known happens regularly up and down the country as eager runners and/or drinkers combine an invigorating run with more than the odd pint, before, after and even during the jog.

The idea was born in 1938 when a group of expatriates in Kuala Lumpur instigated a modified hare and hound paper chase. The chase was designed to work up a thirst, or work off a hangover, before retiring to the Selangor Club where drinking would recommence. The club was known locally as the "Hash House" so the name was adopted by the harriers and it stuck.

Today, hashing is an international pastime occurring in over 184 countries worldwide. It is a non-competitive form of running with varying trails designed to suit differing fitness levels.


Aberdeen Hash House Harriers Email Group

If you want to be kept up-to-date, follow the gossip, or just need an easy way to reach most of the Aberdeen Hash that has an e-mail address, then get on the Aberdeen HHH mail-list. Once you are on the list, you can then send an e-mail to: aberdeenhhh@yahoogroups.com (or aberdeenhhh@onelist.com or aberdeenhhh@egroups.com

Note: This group is different to the "auto-email" list.

Please note that the aberdeenhhh list is for 'serious hash business' (if there is something like that!). For jokes and other fun, please use the jokelist: ah3jokes@yahoogroups.com

If you already have a Yahoo! id, use that to subscribe, else you will be given one once you subscribe to the list. Try to remember the password you get given, as this will allow you to change your settings on the Yahoogroups list. It will also give you access to the archive of messages.

List Etiquette

Please stick to the following 'rules' when posting or replying to messages on the AberdeenHHH e-mail list:

  1. Only post messages of interest to the whole pack, only ask questions to the whole pack if you don't know anyone specific who can answer it.
  2. Send your reply to the sender only! We are not interested in everyone's opinion on each and everything.
  3. When forwarding messages, properly format them. A lot of e-mail programs by default prefix the forwarded text with characters like > or |. Remove them, it makes the message easier to read.
  4. Although it is a Hash-List, a lot of people use company e-mail to read it, so please keep that in mind for choice of language.
  5. No Flames, chain-letters, whatever the cause, hungry animals, dogs in Afghanistan, make money fast etc... I've read them all before and I am tired of deleting them.


You can subscribe to the list in the following two ways:

1. Via the Web:

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